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Tezos Rocks

A rock steady blockchain

Transactions are


15 seconds. Transactions final in 30s

Musicians & fans see what NFTs can do for you

Get started now


Login with your social media account to setup a custodial account in under 10 seconds!

How to use Kukai

  • Fastest way to get a Tezos address.

  • Each account is a new wallet.

  • But, if your access to your social media account is compromised, then your tez are at risk.

  • Create New Wallet creates a wallet that only you can restore.

  • Don't give your backup random words to anyone!

  • Don't forget where they are + keep them in order.

  • Go here to learn security tips.

  • Use a Ledger Nano for high security.

Staking instructions

  • At the top you should see
    Click that ⬆️

  • Click Enter Custom Baker, copy/paste our tezos address

  • tz1NEKxGEHsFufk87CVZcrqWu8o22qh46GK6

  • press STAKE and confirm!

Once you've staked you get

Passive income

With > 100 XTZ staked, money is paid into your account every 3 days!

Pick up a

XTZ shirt

available from next week

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